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Employment Law and Legislative Update: What to Expect in 2023 and Beyond
by Jim Banks Jr.

Attendees will learn about legislative efforts in the current session that'll likely have significant impacts upon employers, employees, and/or the world of work. Additionally, attendees will learn about long-term legislative issues that'll likely…Read more »


All Rise: ELLA Mock Trial is Now in Session
by Wayne YoungCindy KolbGreg NorthenPatti AiroldiBroderick DanielsDavid BurneyThomas Dunlap, SHRM-SCP

Ever wonder what goes on in an HR-related court case? Now is your chance to find out – without being subpoenaed. Attorneys from Arkansas’s leading employment law firms will lend their expertise to the proceedings. Familiar ARSHRM members …Read more »

Arkansas Department of Workforce Services Update
by Charisse ChildersKristen Rhodes-Berry

Dr. Charisse Childers and Kristen Rhodes-Berry will discuss update on Act 196 which makes multiple changes to unemployment insurance law including: Reduces wage base from $10,000 to $7,000; Changes wage base indexing as long as trust fund has min…Read more »

Courtside Analysis
by Cindy KolbDan HerringtonGreg NorthenWayne Young

You’ve been to trial, you’ve rendered a verdict. It’s now time to “armchair quarterback” the proceedings. A panel of attorneys from Arkansas’s leading employment law firms will discuss what went right, and what wen…Read more »

Deposition Preparedness....What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
by Dan Herrington

Good deposition testimony starts with making a good decision in the first place. Once that decision is made and you're forced to defend it, success depends on knowing the facts inside and out and knowing the ins and outs of the deposition and trial p…Read more »

DOL: Wage and Hour Issues for Advocacy & Action in 2023
by Hanz Grünauer

Key Objectives: Cite U.S. Dept of Labor Wage & Hour current priorities and recent or pending regulatory action. Analze legislation and rulings that impact the workplace. Implement proactive, informed strategies that align with DOL W&H gu…Read more »

EEOC Update
by Edmond Sims

The presentation gives the audience an overview of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It will provide an overview of the current priorities and initiatives that guides the direction of the agency. In addition, it will highlight new trends a…Read more »

How to Avoid Losing Your Remote . . . Workforce
by Daveante Jones

This session will provide information relevant to HR professionals and employers, including written remote work policies, possible obligations that come with having out-of-state remote workers, common wage and hour issues related to remote work, moni…Read more »

I Thought I Read Somewhere - The Importance of Plan Documents and Legal Compliance
by Ruben Reyes

This session will discuss the importance of plan documents. How plan documentation can help lower the risk of exposure to lawsuits and regulatory penalties. Key Objectives Describe the difference between a Plan Document and Insurance contracts. …Read more »

You Be the Jury: ELLA Goes to Court
by Wayne YoungCindy KolbGreg NorthenPatti AiroldiDavid BurneyBroderick DanielsThomas Dunlap, SHRM-SCP

You’ve done it. You’ve witnessed an HR-related court case without being subpoenaed and it is now time for you to render a verdict.  At the conclusion of this, the second part of the ELLA Mock trial, you will be able to: Recommend…Read more »