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What’s Hot and Now What
by H. Wayne Young

Update on recent law passed at the 2019 Arkansas General Assembly, in the 2018 election by initiated act, and other new or proposed regulations by federal agencies, including the NLRB. Update on recent decisions and enforcement trends from the NLR…Read more »

Lunch Keynote
by Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin

Summary coming soon.

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Employment Law Jeopardy Panel — Hot Legal Topics
by Roby BrockDaniel L. HerringtonCarolyn B. WitherspoonMichelle Kaemmerling

This session will provide just in time delivery on a wide range of topics selected by the audience. The subject matter experts on employment, legal and legislative issues will provide information on current events related to the conference theme. At…Read more »

How Not to be the Next EEOC Press Release
by Debra Finney

This session will address the latest hot topics from EEOC to include the agency’s enforcement priorities, new regulations or guidance, updates to any programs, key statistics, significant litigation, best practices and more. Have a burning question…Read more »

Pay Equity an Examination of: What, Why, and How
by Gail Meriweather, MBA

This seminar includes a discussion of why an organization should conduct a pay equity study, discusses what is entailed during a pay equity analysis—methods and approaches and discusses how the results and findings should be interpreted and impleme…Read more »


FLSA Overtime Update
by Audrina Lange

An overview of the Fair Labor Standards Act with a discussion of the most common violations and proposed updates to 541 overtime, joint employment, and regular rate rules. Key Objectives Understand and properly apply the labor standards of the Fa…Read more »

The Intersection of Law and Common Sense: How the Synchronicity of Legal Requirements and Good Management Practices Improves Employee Engagement
by Kim Hodges

Employers are burdened by the ever-increasing regulatory and legal requirements of running a business. Risk assessments, internal audits, policy reviews, and the constant fear of lawsuits can cause managers to distance themselves from their employees…Read more »

Tips for Leading Internal Investigation
by Allen Dobson

This session will assist employers in how to conduct workplace investigations. The session will address whether to utilize an internal or external investigator. The session will provide guidance on whether to use an attorney, a human resource profes…Read more »

Transgender Status Protection Under Title VII
by Joe Kraska

Since the Trump administration has taken office it has reversed many Obama-era policies. One policy that is of particular interest in the employment realm is whether Title VII’s prohibition on workplace discrimination based on sex includes gender i…Read more »